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How to Make Natural Incense

Learn how to make incense the old fashioned way; with all natural ingredients. is a FREE educational website that guides you step-by-step through the process of how to make incense.

We'll show you how to make incense for any occasion. Our extensive incense recipes section provides hundreds of sample recipes to get you started and our step-by-step guides will show you exactly how to make your own incense.

Many people are negatively affected by what they think is "incense" and avoid it altogether. This is because most commercially made incense is primarily or completely made of synthetic chemical ingredients, many of which are toxic when burned.

Incense is not about laboratory manufactured chemicals!

Incense is a celebration of nature!

The heating of nature's aromatic materials releases the volatile oils of the plant, tree, or flowers' immune system and enters our respiratory, bloodstream, brain, and neurological systems. It's nature's chemistry in action!

Natural incense ingredients; woods, herbs, spices, flowers, gums, resins, balsams and more have amazing affects on our brains, moods, and bodies!

Learn how to make natural incense and reawaken your ancient inner spirit. Connect to the rhythms of nature again and celebrate that you are nature.

Click here to get started and lets learn how to make incense!

Incense Recipes:
Visit our extensive incense recipes section and begin designing your own customized incense blends.

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Learn how to play incense games in the style of ancient Japan.

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